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1932 Der Stahlhelm Member's Commemorative Badge

1932 "Der Stahlhelm" Member's Commemorative Badge. The badge is a slightly convex, 31mm diameter, nickel-silver alloy badge, against whose black enameled obverse is pinned a profiled M16 helmet, and is stamped with an Iron Cross followed by "Der Stahlhelm" in Gothic script, on the helmet's side. The recessed Iron Cross and lettering have been darkened in a way that highlight them. Beneath the helmet, the enamel breaks, to form two crossed oak leaves above the date "1921" (this badge was available with consecutive dates from 1919-1932). To the reverse is a hinged, vertical and catch, which are intact, and functional . To the right of the pin is embossed the manufacturer's logo of an underlined and stylized "S" "T" and "H" To the left of the pin is embossed "Ges. Gesch.," for "Gesetzlich Geschützt" (By-law Protected). The back also has the engraved info and date "VHe 205" "16.1.32" The badge is damage free, with uncleaned, original patina. The overall condition is very good++ GMA-5066

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