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NSDAP Kreisleitung Haupt-Bereichsleiter Tunic

NSDAP Kreisleitung Haupt-Bereichsleiter (Head Zone Leader) Service Tunic And Breeches. The grouping consists of a service tunic, which is an approx. size 38, and is made of light brown wool/rayon blend material, with a whipcord weave. The tunic features an open collar, with fold down lapels, French cuffs, a four button, vertical closure front, and for scalloped flap, pleated pockets, and retains all of it's original, gilded, political buttons. The collar features a set of hand sewn Kreisleitung Haupt-Bereichsleiter collar tabs. The tabs are made of brown velvet, with white rayon piping, a gilded party eagle, two sprigs of oak leaves, two acorns and two horizontal strips of oak leaves. The left breast pocket features one set of award loops. The tunic is fully lined with golden, rayon lining, with both a right and left inside breast pocket, with a tailor's label. The left sleeve features a high quality, Leiter Eines Hauptamtes armband. the armband is neatly hand stitched to the sleeve, and is made of red wool, with embroidered, golden oak leaves, and golden bullion wire piping on each edge, with a multi-piece canted swastika, on a ribbed white circular rayon background. The tunic is free from any moth damage, holes or tears. it shows light wear from use, and moderate wear around the button holes. The breeches are made of the identical material as the tunic, and are complete with all buttons, hooks, buckles, etc. The overall condition is very good++ GMA-5814

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