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We Deliver to each store 3 times a week to insure freshness.
We make everything from scratch.
We ship in quantities that control inventory.
of Tennessee

SIR PIZZA License INC. is the Licensor of many operations in middle Tennessee that specialize in pizza and related foods. Our operations offer a menu that is both focused and appealing.

·SIR PIZZA is a unique operation with specialized methods and systems that create the product the same way every time, therefore, profit margins remain consistent and the customer enjoys that great SIR PIZZA taste every time.

·SIR PIZZA is a chain of restaurants that not only provide delivery service, but we also exploit the more profitable areas of the pizza buisness. Customers can come in and enjoy their meal in one of our full service dining rooms,or simply pick their food up.

·SIR PIZZA boast a tremendous amount of loyalty that is almost unparalleled in the pizza industry- we have carved out our own niche in the market place and continue to grow on a daily basis.

·SIR PIZZA is constantly striving to streamline operations,improve customer service,provide new products, and increase the bottom line.

SIR PIZZA OF TENNESSEE, Inc. is a dynamic organization built on a solid foundation. Our consistent record of growth and economic progress commands the highest respect in the finanacial community and the food industry. Company owned stores and License
operations have proven to be very profitable. This has been achieved due to the production and marketability of an excellent product, a well organized system of operations, and smoothly enginneered store layouts.

Many of SIR PIZZA'S products are made from original recipes and are only available to SIR PIZZA operations. We offer a variety of products including spaghetti,lasagna, salads, sandwiches, and of course, pizza. Our crust is unlike any other industry. We top it off with generous portions of the highest quality ingredients available and cook them in computerized state-of-the art conveyor ovens. Our system of portion control bolsters consistency, profitability, and customer service.

Another reason for SIR PIZZA'S continued growth is our ability to implement aggressive advertising and marketing techniques. SIR PIZZA employs a strong couponitorial-based advertising campaign in the print media that includes display ads,mailers,newspaper inserts,box-tops,table tops, and even door hangers. Many of our stores offer buffets that include salad bars, and/or pasta bars. Two-for-one deals in the dining room, and advertised monthly specials have also proven to be effective marketing tools.

Preparations of all products are done at SIR PIZZA'S commissary (Fortner Food's), strategically located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The commissary is a USDA inspected plant that allows License to minimize personnel, kitchen space, storage space, waste costs, and equipment costs.

The commissary produces dough, cooks pasta, processes cheese and pepperoni, as well as many other items that are necessary to run a successful SIR PIZZA store. The commissary also stocks everything form tomato paste to printed bags, ad slicks, and pizza boxes. All you have to do is order what you need and it will be delivered on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's. It's that simple.

Everything you have to do is worked out in advance for you. Nothing is left to chance. All the guesswork has been eliminated. Every element of store operations has been programmed by experts with one thing in mind MAXIMUM PROFITS FOR YOU! All that you have to do is follow the plan.

· An exclusive territory for your SIR PIZZA retail store.
· The right to use the SIR PIZZA identity.
· The right to purchase reciped food items from SIR PIZZA'S commissary, which assures quality and portions control, and includes price benefits.
· The right to use SIR PIZZA INC. methods, procedures, copywrights, co-op advertising, and other promotional materials.
· Negotiation of leases
· Entire store planning and construction assistance, including store layout of equipment.
· Assistance on leasing the equipment portion of the franchise package.
· Comprehensive training that includes two weeks in company owned stores, and ten days in your own store.
· Periodic regional meetings with other franchises will be held to serve as an exchange for ideas,information, and advice.
· Assitance on obtaining any health permits.
· Assistnace on obtaining the best phone number, and roll-over service.
· Continued support from a company that cares about your financial success.

Bob Swartz worked in his mom and dad's pizza place called PIZZA KING, located in Munice, Indiana. With an enginneering degree and a passion for details, Bob was able to help his mom and dad develop a cup system that was easy to follow and produced quality results on a consistent basis. The location was expanded five times. They recieved numerous requests from people to buy their recipes, systems, and techniques. Instead of selling them, the Swartzes decided to franchise their operation under the name of SIR PIZZA, which was incorporated in 1965, and has continued to grow ever since.

SIR PIZZA INTERNATIONAL now boats over 200 stores in operation in the United States, and abroad. In 1992 SIR PIZZA broke into the top twenty list of Pizza Today's best 200 franchises. The outlook is excellent as people in general continue to display an unquenchable appetite for pizza.

Seeing the tremendous growth of the PIZZA KING organization( the forerunner of SIR PIZZA INTERNATIONAL) in Indiana, Robert Fortner bought the rights for the state of Tennessee. He moved his family from Indiana to Tennessee in 1966, and in December of that year he opened the first SIR PIZZA and commissary in Murfreesboro. Experiencing modest growth winthin the family and limited partnerships, SIR PIZZA began to expand into other towns in Middle Tennessee. This warranted the construction of a USDA plant known as Fortner Foods( the SIR PIZZA commissary), which is located at 830 Old Salem Road, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. In his lieu of retirement, Robert Fortner handed SIR PIZZA OF TENNESSEE down to his daughter and two sons.

The new generation of owners is very growth oriented and feels that the future SIR PIZZA OF TENNESSEE is in franchising. They take a very meticulous approach to the sale of franchises, and are "very cautious" about the poeple that they sell them to. SIR PIZZA FRANCHISE Inc has an excellent future, and our long range goal is to have a SIR PIZZA in every town throughout the State of Tennessee that will support it and give our licensee's a viable return on their investment...under the SIR PIZZA FRANCHISE INC. program.

If you like the sound of what we have told you, we suggest that you take the next step and call Rod Fortner (615) 293-9921 to discuss the Sir Pizza opportunity.

If you are qualified, we will contact you for a personal interview, and one of the owners will take you on a tour of the SIR PIZZA commissary (Fortner Foods) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The cost of a SIR PIZZA retail store varies with the size of the store and the amount of remodling that it requires. Another factor will be how much new and used equipment will be needed for your location. We will be happy to help you determine the cost of your location.

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